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Dropbox for app Windows 8

Dropbox app for Windows 8

Dropbox app for Windows 8 is a file synchronization program that keeps all of your files synced to the cloud.

Dropbox is an amazing service and the company has released great applications for Windows, Mac,iPhone, and Android. Unfortunately this version for Windows 8 is terrible. Here’s why.

While Dropbox for Windows 8 looks promising at first, all you really get is a file browser. You can see the folders of the files you have and you can view files like photos and documents. To open documents with Dropbox for Windows 8, you’ll have to have an application that can view it installed. Documents cannot be viewed within Dropbox for Windows 8.

Most disappointingly, you cannot upload anything with Dropbox for Windows 8. It makes no sense as to why Dropbox would omit a feature that’s essential for using its service. You can’t even delete files from Dropbox.

Last but not least, Dropbox for Windows 8 can be unstable at times, crashing several times throughout our tests. While this is the initial release of the app, it’s disappointing that Dropbox would allow something so unpolished to be approved.


Clicking ‘Download’ will take you to the Windows Store where you can download the app.


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