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Free Downloader Manager is an application for downloading files and converting videos; a download manager for those who want more than just YouTube videos.
We are honestly baffled by this program. It seems to download files from the URLs that we’ve used, but accessing those downloaded files is a different story. The Help page doesn’t really explain things in detail. It does a good job of telling you how to download different files and videos by inserting the URL, but it doesn’t tell you why any of those files/folders wouldn’t work after downloading. It doesn’t seem like a worthwhile download.

This is most definitely not for the average computer user, or it’s simply not doing what it’s supposed to and has some glitches. It had trouble accessing some of the URLs that we tried to download in the Flash video Downloads tab. It seemed to download files just fine in the Downloads tab, but they might as well have not been there, since they didn’t open right. There are also a few buttons that the Help page does not have a tutorial for. The Dial-Up Connection button is particularly confusing. Basically, it would be best to find something a little simpler in design with better explanation of its inner workings.
The Free Download Manager was easy and simple. You do need to read through the steps carefully to pick up on the special offers and instructions, but that’s OK. The download/installation process was the only good thing about this.

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