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Over time as you use Windows little things may start to bother you, like the shortcut arrow on desktop icons, the splash screen in Outlook Express, programs that hang for a while before closing or the beep on errors, to name a few. Some of these things can be changed in your control panel and many can be changed in your system registry or configuration files. Many changes you might want to make are specific to their respective programs, like Opera, Eudora, Real Player, America On Line, etc. These sorts of tweaks, which might not be readily available through the Windows interface, can take a lot of time to learn on your own, or there may be many more small “tweaks” you can apply that you never even thought of. Luckily, there are programs that put an interface to all of this, and a few of them are completely free, like X-Setup.


Xteq X-Setup is a so-called hacker or tweaker program. It allows you to change settings that are normally hidden deeply in some configuration-files like the registry fast and easily.

X Setup offers several advantages, making it the ultimate tool for black belt system tuning. It’s runs on any Windows version (incl. XP), is clutter-free, easy to use, extensible, powerful, covers any aspect of your computer and has more configuration options than any other tweaker.

It includes major changes to the programs, a lot of new features, more than 200 plug-in changes and about 100 new plug-ins. If you are interested, just have a look at the file HISTORY.TXT once you have downloaded it.


Author: XQDC Ltd
Size: 4.7 MB
Requires: 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003

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