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Dark GDK is a graphics programming library created by The Game Creators, a software company in the UK. It provides functions for C++ programmers to manipulate images, graphics, and audio under Microsoft Windows. It is built atop another graphics & media library from Microsoft, known as DirectX. DarkGDK is actually an adaptation to the C/C++ environment of The Game Creatorsdark gdkDarkBASIC, a derivative of the BASIC programming language.
Almost all sophisticated graphics applications are based on library packages, such as
DirectX or OpenGL. Thus application programmers can avoid re-inventing the wheel,
and can focus on their program needs and features.

Dark GDK provides a plethora of functions to the programmer. We will use only a
subset of these. For example, we will not touch upon its 3D graphics capabilities.
The following table lists the functions, mostly in the order they are introduced in Tony Gaddis’s book, “Starting Out with Games and Graphics in C++”. The descriptions are based on the textbook and the .chm (Windows Compiled HTM) file included with the Dark GDK; refer to those documents for more detail.

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