Full Download PDF Editor Mac Pro 3.0

Full Download  PDF Editor Mac Pro 3.0Full Download  PDF Editor Mac Pro 3.0 PDFEditorMac.com is pleased to announce a limited-time giveaway of PDF Editor Mac Pro 3.0, their powerful PDF application for Mac OS X. With a simple yet intuitive interface, PDF Editor Mac Pro gives the user a host of tools to modify PDFs. The basic application is always free, however, PDFEditorMac.com is now offering, until April 20, 2015, full access to all of PDF Editor Mac Pro’s premium features. After the promotional date, the application will return to its original price of $39.95 (USD).

Full Download  PDF Editor Mac Pro 3.0


The Pro version will not add a default watermark to all saved PDF files. Instead, it gives users the option to add their own watermark or opt out of using a watermark all together. PDF Editor Mac Pro also provides owners of the application with 24×7 email support and worldwide.

The application provides users with a simple and professional way to edit and send PDF files between co-workers and clients or students and teachers. Without watermarks and with an entourage of support, PDF Editor Mac Pro can easily be used for all transactions requiring clean and polished PDF files.
Feature Highlights:

* No default watermark added to saved PDF
* Simple and intuitive User Interface
* Add and edit text and images
* Supports JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and more
* Delete content
* Ability to rotate orientation of PDF
* Ability to draw vertical and horizontal lines
* Custom watermark all pages
* Undo/Redo options
* Zoom in/Zoom out options
* Commercial use allowed for additional cost
* Around the clock email support, free and worldwide
* Tutorial

With just a few clicks, PDF Editor Mac Pro allows the user to easily add text and move it to any location on the page.
Font style, size, and color can all be modified within the pop-up box. With PDF Editor Mac Pro, users can easily fill in
fields left blank on PDF forms.

The Eraser tool within PDF Editor Mac Pro is a quick and easy way to delete any unwanted images or text. Users can
replace existing text by erasing it first and then using the Add Text tool. The thickness of the eraser can also be
changed to large or small.

Adding images in PDF Editor Mac Pro is as simple as selecting on the Add Image tool, sizing its width, length, and
location, and choosing the file name. PDF Editor Mac Pro supports most of the popular image formats such as JPG, PNG,
GIF, BMP and TIFF. It can also keep the original image transparent.

PDF Editor Mac Pro can also add lines using the Pencil, H-line, or V-line tools. The pencil allows the user to freehand
draw on to the PDF. H-lines create horizontal lines and V-lines create vertical lines. Also, the application provides
users with a quick button for watermarking. Users can choose the Copy to All Pages tool to copy any selected image or
text to all pages of the PDF document.

PDF Editor Mac Pro provides the option of rotating the PDF pages 90, 180, or 270 degrees. Users can also choose to
rotate the current page or all pages with PDF Editor Mac Pro. There are also Zoom In/Zoom Out and Undo/Redo tools to aid
quick formatting and editing.

Device Requirements:

* Mac OS X 10.8 or later
* 2.6 MB


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