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Paintslate has been accredited by
Smart™ Technologies for use on Smart™ Interactive White Boards. 

Paintslate offers a wide range of drawing tools from pencil to smudge tool together with two colour palette styles to suit all your needs.

While Paintslate is installed with a variety of background images such as Animals or Christmas, you can also import your own favorites with a few easy steps.

As well as being able to draw on a white canvas, you can choose from a selection of papers as the background for your drawings and paintings.
Special Effects

Ideal for using on images to get the maximised effect, you can apply the effects to any part of your image by simply “Painting” the effect, also found
in Pixo or Pixo SE.

In addition to the painting tools, Paintslate offers a selection of shapes which you can draw such as Circle, Square, Heart or Line.
Tablet PCs

We have designed Paintslate to run on netbooks, tablet Pcs as well as touchscreen Pcs and Interactive White Boards (IWBs). It is optimised to utilise touch capabilities. If you have tablet PC, give it try and see for yourself!
One Click Open & Save

In line with tablet and touchscreen Pcs,  Paintslate has a one click open and save feature where the files are saved automatically without any further user intervention.

Paintslate has both US & UK English built into it so it will switch automatically to the host Pc’s language


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