Pinterest May Release an Official App at Google I/O

Pinterest May Release an Official App at Google I/O

Besides Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a few interesting apps might be unveiled later this week at Google’s I/O event. Pinterest is a popular social network and it’s noticeably missing on Android devices. Google Play store currently offers a number of alternatives to Pinterest, but they can’t substitute for an official app. While these apps offer a number of Pinterest-related features, an official and dedicated app would be much better.

Folks from Pinterest were sighted during the preparation for the Google I/O event and they will attend the conference under the Sandbox list. This immediately gave away the secret that Pinterest is preparing something for the Android community.

At present, no beta build for Pinterest had been released, but it looks like that announcement for an official app is imminent. This should put to a rest a few fake Pinterest apps that have confused Android users. Fake apps has been misleading users for awhile and they even used the Pinterest logo; causing many to think that they were the real deal.

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