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VirtualDJ Home for Mac
Virtual DJ Home for Mac

In the crowded DJ app world, VirtualDJ Home for Mac sets itself apart for the casual user. VirtualDJ Home for Mac is probably the widest-used home DJ app for the Mac, based on downloads, and there’s a good reason for its popularity. The VirtualDJ Home fro Mac interface is like many others: two controllers at the top for two audio tracks, and a set of buttons, knobs, and sliders to control the mixing between the two. The bottom of the interface shows a track list and can display

album art. There are some really attractive features to VirtualDJ Home for Mac, including beat matching, looping, and a beatlock feature to ensure you are always on beat. It will take a little practice to get proficient with the software, but once you do, VirtualDJ Home for Mac offers what a lot of professional hardware mixing consoles offer in terms of abilities.

We used VirtualDJ Home for Mac extensively with a variety of external controllers as well as the software-only version and had zero issues with it in that time. Considering that VirtualDJ Home is totally free (no paid upgrade available) we don’t see any reason why everyone who is a closet DJ doesn’t have this app already installed. A very impressive package.

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