Facebook Touch for Windows 8 Free Download

Facebook Touch for Windows 8

Facebook Touch for Windows 8

Facebook Touch for Windows 8 is a social networking application for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Facebook has yet to release an official Windows 8 application so users are stuck using the mobile site or 3rd party apps. Facebook Touch for Windows 8 is one of the latter but does it offer anything more than the mobile site?

In short, no. Not really. Here’s what it does offer that the mobile site doesn’t. There is a full screen browsing mode so you can browse Facebook distraction free. Facebook Touch for Windows 8 also includes a menu bar at the top where you can access most of Facebook’s features including notifications, messages, events, and friends list. Facebook Touch for Windows 8 also integrates Facebook chat in a column on the right.

Unfortunately that’s where the good stuff ends. Facebook Touch for Windows 8 is a poor attempt at making a touch-friendly Facebook experience. The app simply pulls in Facebook’s mobile site so everything looks extremely stretched out, lacking visual polish. Buttons and links appear tiny as the mobile site was designed for phones.

Facebook Touch for Windows 8 is ad supported so you’ll see a pretty big ad on the bottom right. You can get rid of these by paying a one time fee of $2.99. That’s a pretty high price for an app that doesn’t offer any feature over the mobile site, which doesn’t include ads in the first place.

Facebook Touch for Windows 8 started with a good idea but failed in its execution. Users are better off accessing the Facebook mobile site using a browser.

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