PC Pandora 7

PC Pandora is a computer monitoring software that is designed to monitor and record all activity on your PC including Keystrokes, Instant Messenger Chats and Emails, Search Queries entered into popular search engines, Document and File Tracking to monitor file creation and deletion, Webcam snapshots to PC-Pandorasee exactly who is using your computer, Download Activity from P2P applications, Websites Visited, Programs used and for how long, etc.

Protect Yourself.  Protect Your Business.  Protect Your Children.

PC Pandora also captures Snapshots (Screenshots) of the computer screen so you can see exactly what is being done on the computer. Finally, PC Pandora will send E-mail Reports of the recorded data to a specified e-mail address via the IRIS feature. This allows parents to monitor PC usage when they are not able to be at home.

For the features, there are many things that can be considered in PC Pandora. This software has 3 features; parental application, personal application or business application. All of them are made to monitor the usage of the certain computer. When you use the PC Pandora parental application, it means that you can watch your children activities when they are online with their PC.
With plenty of cybercrimes out there, you should be very careful when handling your children. PC Pandora will give you the access to your children’s computer and get the report of it. The report includes key logging access, chatting in instant messenger, and password retrieval for social networking account or the other sites, and the websites they accessed. If you use the PC Pandora personal application, you can protect your own computer by providing yourself with a full report of the activities people made when they used your computer.
You will get the information about unknown email accounts, dating site membership, chat conversation in instant messenger or the website accessed. It means that PC Pandora will let you know if anybody starts using your computer to do the illegal action. If you use PC Pandora business application, you can monitor the internet usage of your employees. You can increase their efficiency by not letting them access some certain sites during the work time.
You can block some websites while allow the other sites at the same time. It is sure indeed that nowadays people tend to spend their work hours to visit the inappropriate sites or the sites that are not related to the work itself. As the distractions, those sites are indeed success. That is why PC Pandora will help you increasing the efficiency of your employees.



The company is offering the software for free for the rest of the year 2012. Use the promo code “HOLIDAY2012” at checkout on http://www.pcpandora.com to get a complimentary copy of PC Pandora 7 (the latest version). Alternatively use this direct link with promo code integrated to get your free copy of PC Pandora 7.

 O/S:   Windows vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 (x32 &x64 bit)
 Size: 0.92 Mb
Ver: 7.0
 License: The program is available for $109.95, but it will be free for our visitors as a time-limited offer.
 Downloads:  [download id=”27″]

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