Blue Windows: Service Pack for Windows 8 or Windows 9?

Rumors that Microsoft was already working on the next version of Windows , Windows 9 read now converge to a single rumor: the company is developing a feature pack or service pack of Windows 8 , provisionally called the Blue Windows . This package would change the version of Windows 8 to

Windows Blue

8.1, making the return to Microsoft naming convention used in the early 90s.

  According to the sources,  Microsoft is accelerating the delivery of packages updates, patches and fixes, Windows, creating a pace closer to what Apple does with OS X.Rumors of Windows 9, arose when Microsoft employees have updated their resumes and profiles on social networking sites and stating that they would already be working on the next version of Windows, code-named “Blue”.

The hypothesis that the Windows Blue would be a service pack for Windows 8 is most likely because the release of a new version of Windows in less than a year would not be consistent. The confirmation of what will be the Windows “Blue” and what he will bring to the system, we will discover in the coming months.

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