Norton Removal Tool

The Norton products have a high quality standard but sometimes they can be a bit stubborn to uninstall, especially if the database is corrupted. This is why the Norton company itself has developed a very easy-to-use tool that enables you to uninstall Norton products without getting a


serious headache.

The Norton Removal Tool works as a step-by-step wizard, guiding you through the uninstalling process. You don’t have to look for the specific folder where Norton product is installed, as the tool will automatically detect it. Then, it will erase every single item related to the application, including Registry keys.

The whole process hardly takes a couple of minutes, but please bear in mind that you may be asked for your Norton serial key, as well as having to restart your system after Norton Removal Tool has finished its job. Also, it would have been nice to be able to select which products you want to uninstall, in case you have more than one.

 O/S:   Windows XP/ Vista/ Win 7/ Windows 8 (x32 &x64 bit)
 Size: 7.16 Mb
Ver: 20.0.0
 License:   FreeWare
 Downloads:  [download id=”20″]

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