Top 11 Features of Windows 8 by Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway (DCI), a premier IT company in India, has created an infographic illustrating the best features of the hot off the press OS, Windows 8. Titled “Windows 8: Top 11 Features”, the information graphic is the 5th in a series of infographics released by the firm that identify and tap into the latest IT trends that drive business. The latest infographic provides an overview of facts, figures andwindows 8 11 features

features which will help users get acquainted with the new OS.

The infographic provides a quick run-through of the various stages of development, editions and the usage of Windows 8 on various devices. Data, statistics and details of the salient features of the OS are presented with clarity and brevity alongside striking illustrations, to enhance comprehension. The listing of merits and drawbacks of the OS provides a complete round-up of what users can expect.

“Dot Com Infoway, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is in the process of migrating to Windows 8. Windows 8 is a great platform for business and it has paved way for a touchscreen future. Our infographic is designed to inform users about the new Windows 8 experience and help them make the most of this ‘reimagined’ OS. Windows 8, an enormous leap forward for Microsoft, opens doors to a new era for enterprises, end-users and software providers,” said Venkatesh C. R., CEO of Dot Com Infoway, at the launch of the infographic.

The infographic lets users take a look at Windows 8 by the numbers. Based on the research and analysis of latest data, 4 million Windows 8 upgrades were made in less than a week after its launch. Windows 8 is being used by 57.4% of laptop users, 36.9% of  [wp_ad1]desktop users and 5.3% of tablet users, according to statistics. The new OS requires just 17 seconds to start-up and boots 55.26% faster than Windows 7. Sources reveal that Windows 8 went through 1.24 billion hours of testing.

The key aspects of the infographic include:

  • A lucid and engaging presentation of facts and figures
  • Listing of the top 11 features of the OS
  • Timeline of the various stages of development
  • Illustrations & statistics on the editions available & the usage of Windows 8 on various devices
  • Pros and cons of Windows 8 that provide a complete round-up
  • Visual representations that facilitate easy comprehension


Via: dotcominfoway

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